Infusing Calm
into theWorkplace

A Catalyst for Change

WellHouse is powered by BOSSI Retreats and is a female owned

and operated holistic wellness company that focuses on bringing calm to the Workplace by creating immersive training and experiences for small businesses and corporate organizations. 

Our team of wellness experts develop customized programming for high-achieving men and women using a holistic approach to well-being.  This approach builds community while empowering employees to advocate and become the best version of themselves.


Create environments that reduce burnout

Create a Culture that Supports Employee Well-being
Experienced Facilitators that make Self-Care Fun and Intentional

Leading with Wellness

WellHouse offers intentional connections, educational experiences and access to resources. With these tools community members ignite deliberate actions that strengthen the growth of themselves and fellow professionals.

WellHouse is the community your organization needs to redefine the Workplace Lifestyle.

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