Who Are We

WellHouse, powered by BOSSI Retreats is a minority, woman-owned and operated design group that focuses on bringing Calm to the Workplace by creating immersive training and experiences for small businesses and corporate organizations. Our team of wellness experts develops customized programming for high-achieving professionals using a holistic approach to Well-being. This approach builds community while empowering employees to advocate and become the best version of themselves.

Dionne Edwards, Founder

Our founder, spent her entire career working in Corporate America trying to find work-life balance while building a successful career in Corporate Real Estate, all while being a wife and raising a family. After a devastating health scare, she realized that she had been trading her wellness for success and not prioritizing her self-care. While sharing her story she discovered so many other women who were experiencing the same struggle and she vowed to help using her story, platform and experience to educate professional working BOSS(I) women on how to prioritize their wellness and not feel guilty about doing so. Dionne empowers women to become the best version of themselves through the power of wellness and selfceare and she creates safe spaces for them to do so through curation of Luxury Wellness Retreats under her company BOSSI RETREATS.

Jen Nyquist, Co-Founder

Jen is known for Leading with Vision and Engaging the Commercial Real Estate Workforce

As a trusted leader, Jen uses her years of experience in Asset Management to develop Strategic and Effective plans for complex Affordable Housing deal structures.

Climbing the proverbial ladder in the workplace has never been easy for women, especially minorities and women of color. In an effort to empower those around her, Jen built relationships to deconstruct outdated notions and lift the next generation through mentorship.

Jen’s work has reached thousands of professional women across the nation and she is determined to continue forward progress in women advancing in their careers.

After surviving a heart attack, Jen is enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. Reflecting on her past, she has always been extremely motivated to succeed – serving as an affordable housing expert in the corporate arena and being a working mother.

Her health scare taught her an important lesson she wants to share with others.

“I’ve always been a high-driven, thought leader who thrives on a busy calendar, but my heart attack made me rethink my lifestyle,” Jen said. “Now I work smarter by Delegating, Learning to Say No, and Staying Grounded. It is important to prioritize our Wellness as much as it is to grow professionally. We have the power to rewrite our story for ourselves and for other women to create a healthier workforce for all.



Jen enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, traveling, and currently resides in Alpharetta, GA with her husband and their two children.


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