Welcome to WellHouse!


Glad you found your way to us and hope you are faring well this New Year.

The pandemic brought important changes to work culture, priorities, and values. It reset definitions of career satisfaction and the importance of setting & maintaining healthy boundaries.

Professional working women had to take on their career responsibilities while some simultaneously took on homeschooling and housework. Women are searching for strategies to manage their careers in a hybrid world that offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. You can have a path to advance your career AND create habits that improve your Wellness.

Individual wellness regimes vary just as professional career aspirations vary. The glass trophy sitting on your shelf, the closing dinner celebrating a deal, and the closing transaction article do not matter as much if you are suffering from burnout and poor quality of life.

WellHouse is a safe space for multicultural women to self-discover what wellness means to them. Using a holistic approach your journey will guide you through new experiences coupled with education. A new destination with thoughtful storytelling among a community where you can connect live with Dionne and Jen and all things WellHouse.

We hope you will take the time out of your days to focus on yourself every single day. Take the time to connect, to listen, celebrate the small things and what matters most to you.

Jen and Dionne


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